It started with an idea…

…and the feeling that life is just too short to miss out on the things that really matter and that make you happy. So, it all came down to fulfilling a life-long dream: to ride a motorcycle through South America. Well actually, I wanted to ride a BMW from Germany to Singapore via Australia to New Zealand, but due to the political situation in the Middle East I settled for SA.

The vehicle of choice is a 2000 BMW F650GS Dakar (previously ridden by Gaston Rahier which I am currently getting ready for the big trip.

The bike will be airfreighted from Auckland, New Zealand straight to Santiago, Chile. My flight is booked for the 6 January 2009, so I am actually counting down the days now.

By the way, while I am over there they do the Dakar Rally (previously know as the famous Paris-Dakar), but because it is now too dangerous is Africa they moved it to SA. Well, cant missed that, can I? Check it out here:


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