With the help of the Motorad Dealer in Wellington (special thanks to Brandon, Michael and Ben) the bike got all boxed up nicely to be transported to Auckland on Friday. Then it has to go through the ‘Dangerous Goods Certification’ in order to be airlifted and through customs. Keep fingers crossed, she will be on the plane on 5 January and arrive in Chile just one day before me.

 Now it really hits me – its all happening! Two more weeks to go… Still heaps to do…


Bike Upgrades – Part 2

Once you start spending money on bike upgrades there seems to be no endand terms like “bottomless hole” pop into mind. Anyway, thought itsbetter to be safe than sorry, so I added the following items:

  • new chain
  • new sprockets (front and rear)
  • new brake pads (front and rear)
  • Continental TKC80 tyres (21″ front and 17″ rear)
  • Touratech radiator protector
  • Touratech Handlebar Raisers
  • Touratech hand protectors
  • Touratech rear suspension protector
  • Scott oiler

Not much else I could think of, really. Hope it will do the trick!


Bike Upgrades

Once you get into the whole discussion of ‘useful bike upgrades’ you’llfind that there are tons of websites with suggestions on what to modifyand what not. But basically it comes down to how deep your pockets are- the sky is the limit! There are some companies (most of them areGerman – funny that) that specialise on motorbike equipment foradventure rides – such as Touratech, Wuedo and Wunderlich.

I ended up opting for a centre stand  (makes it so much easier changinga tyre), some decent crash bars (just in case), a good old New Zealandsheep skin (with 15,000km in front of me maybe a good idea, no?), andsome larger foot pegs (to make it more comfortable when riding in astanding position on gravel and dirt tracks).


Radiator Replacement

I am so glad that I had the opportunity to do a  number of ‘practiceruns’ over the last couple of months or so. I took the bike out for aspin whenever possible. After one of these I noticed some green liquiddripping down the front of the bike! There was a pin hole in theradiator. At closer inspection of the radiator it turned out that itwas pretty bend (see photo) and suffered some irreparable damage. (Wasn’t me!). A small part with a big price tag! Believe it or not, butthey cost more than NZ$500 at your friendly BMW dealer! But hey, thegood thing is that it happened now here in New Zealand and notsomewhere in Patagonia with no BMW dealer for the next 2,500km or so.