Quick update

in short: all ok, me in Illapo at the moment (3hrs north of Santiago)… rinding with 3 chileneans and one american lady…

 went to the Rally Dakar today… totally cool. these guys are incredible. they are riding on dirt as if it would be a German Autobahn.

 scenery is breathtaking… super dry. cacteens everywhere and other funny vegetation i´ve never seen before.

 bike is going well, no problems… the general idea now is to go south now towards Patagonia as planned.

 will write more and post pictures when there is propper internet somewhere…


 — Psssst! Schon vom neuen GMX MultiMessenger gehört? Der kann`s mit allen: http://www.gmx.net/de/go/multimessenger

1 thought on “Quick update

  1. Hey there good buddy, I can see you are having a great time- awesome weather and sounds like the riding is good too. I’m really jealous about the Paris- Dakar, bro I bet that was an awesome sight. The TNBC awaits your return, keep riding. Peace, Huw

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