Almost there…

Only 600km to Ushuia left! Spend the last few days in Rio Gallego. Pretty uneventful, but good to get things done in a decent sized town – like doing laundry, internet and a rock concert. The usual… The band that we will see tonight is called “La Renga” – apparently they are the Argentinean equivalent to the Rolling Stones or something. Lets see.


Tomorrow we will continue our trip south. Heard mixed things about Ushuia so far – it is supposed to be full of Germans and South Africans that just go there to say that they where there 😉 Cant wait!


Staying at a hotel tonight. really learnt to appreciate a bed after camping in the cold and damp for the last few nights. figured i should have bought a warmer sleeping bag and maybe a dawn jacket or something fluffy. Now I regret, silly gringo me…


Steep learning curve – got a good idea now what works and what not. Next time i will take less gear to keep the weight down and probably a different bike. the next few weeks will put the beemer to test with lots of gravel and dirt roads coming up… got into the habit to check my bike every night or morning for loose or missing bolts, screws and nuts or whatelse can vibrate off.


will keep on checking!

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