Santiago – Part 2

First pictures taken today… 30 degrees, but super dry climate – perfect weather with sunshine, no cloads (but smog). Oh, and very friendly staff at the local caffee… Also found high-tech DJ gear… will post more tonight…

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landed safely and the bike was here as well as anticipated. roberto was waiting at the airport as promised, but getting the bike through customs was a little harder… after a while i just stopped calculating how much money i was dishing out… didnt matter anyway, at least we got the bike. had to put the front wheel back in, attacht the wind shield and mirrors – but then i figgured that I took way too much stuff than i could carry! silly me – what was I thinking? just the spare parts allone take heaps of space. ended up tieing the tent and sleeping bag on top of everthing… must have looked very silly. must go through everything and repack!

 then I followed Roberto through crazy Chilenian traffin – but was not much worse than Berlin or Auckland in rush hour! anyway, he dropped me off at the hotel that I booked the day before just to learn that the room has not been confirmed and thats why there was no room for me. Already seeing myself sleeping on a bench in the park, this hotel lady organised another room for me in a different hotel for the same price… pjuhhh!

 Anyway, even got safe storage for the bike over night and I went for a stroll throught he city I met this really cool dude – Juan – and he helped me getting my mobile phone organised and we went for dinner and a beer afterwards.

 Oh, and Roberto has also asked me if I want to join their tour in 2 days – they will ride in a big group (5 or so) to see the Dakar Ralley – so I said yes – at least I will go with them until Valparaiso.

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