Just a quick lifesign… Internet connections comes at a premium, particular a fast one and I havent seen PC with USB ports for ages…

 Anyway, I am in Purmamarca, Argentina

 at the moment. Had a good run north from Mendoza where I changed the waterpump seals – for the second time… just to discover another leak today… Must be the shaft itself that needs replacement… feel kinda shafted…

 Anyway, went to the Moon Valley, from there up the Route 40, passed through Santa Maria, where I met a German who has a micro-brewery and we were bottling up the latest batch of yummy Weizen Bier. Then to Cafayate, Salta and Cachi. This took me up to 4770m at one pass up the the Altiplano. Amazing scenery! Will post pictures a.s.a.p.

 Today´s ride on Route 52 was one of the best roads I´ve ever ridden. God must ride motorbikes, too. Corners for 40kms non-stop and no traffic, all on brand new tarmac… Might go up there again tomorrow.

 From here on I will head further north towards Bolivia.

 Better dash…

The Big One!

Did a nice day ride to the Argentinian-Chile border crossing on Friday to catch some corners after the boring straight 1000km from B.A. to Mendoza. Very nice. Went up to 3800m altitude. God, that feels weired – you are breezing but you are still out of breath. But definitely worth the view. Had the highest mountain of South America – the Aconcagua – just in front of me…


 Unfortunately, on Saturday I discovered that my waterpump is leaking – AGAIN!!! So I am planning to go to Santiago, Chile today since there is the nearest BMW dealer to get it fixed properly.

 Only 3 more weeks left for my trip. Cant believe that this adventure is now almost over… Its now a decision between packing up now and going home or fixing this thing and have at least 2 more weeks of biking. Easy decision, right?

 Will keep you posted…


Back on the road…

Me rollin again – this time through Uruguay. Nice little country, very relaxed people. Great beaches, that is for sure. And heaps of old building from the colonial times…

 Now in Montevideo heading back to Argentina. Will either cath the ferry at colonia or do the big detour again.

 Photos to follow.

Detour to Disaster

Some photos taken when I met Willy… We decided to explore some dirt backroads, but then completely forgot about the time and dusk came quicker than expected. In addition, we also counted on accommodation nearby, which was no longer in business. As a result, we had to ride the last 100km of the day in the dark and rain – not much fun to be frank.

Surprise Visit!

Buenos Aires probably wouldn’t have been the same without the surprise visit of Dilini, even though it was just for a week. We had a great time exploring the different parts of town, so we went to Palermo, La Boca, San Telmo and the city centre. Weather was mostly pleasant, other than yesterday where we got caught in a massive downpour and got saved by a small dude with a huge umbrella. We also tried to get a good taste of what Argentina’s cuisine got to offer – and there is meet, a lot of meet and CHEESE! Now we are both a wee bit over it and are looking forward to some sushi or a yummy curry.



This is crazy town at the end of the Careterra Austral, which was wiped out by a volcanic eruption. The government decided to abandon the town and rebuild it somewhere else, but there are still a number of hard-core dwellers that refuse to leave… The grey stuff in the pictures is all ash! My first impression was driving through Chernobyl or something like that. Very spooky.




Just south of B.A. are a number of towns which are the playing fields of the rich and famous. During summer months half the population of the capital (meaning the half that can afford it) is heading there to claim their patch for their beach towel. Very amusing to see, particular when New Zealanders consider a beach being “crowded” if there is anybody else there…