The Big One!

Did a nice day ride to the Argentinian-Chile border crossing on Friday to catch some corners after the boring straight 1000km from B.A. to Mendoza. Very nice. Went up to 3800m altitude. God, that feels weired – you are breezing but you are still out of breath. But definitely worth the view. Had the highest mountain of South America – the Aconcagua – just in front of me…

 Unfortunately, on Saturday I discovered that my waterpump is leaking – AGAIN!!! So I am planning to go to Santiago, Chile today since there is the nearest BMW dealer to get it fixed properly.

 Only 3 more weeks left for my trip. Cant believe that this adventure is now almost over… Its now a decision between packing up now and going home or fixing this thing and have at least 2 more weeks of biking. Easy decision, right?

 Will keep you posted…


1 thought on “The Big One!

  1. last time my waterpump was leaking, i was like two years old…but anyway, i like how you suddenly turn all catholic with pictures of you in front of churches! way to go…three more weeks in south america and you are a preacherman! rock on!

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