Just a quick lifesign… Internet connections comes at a premium, particular a fast one and I havent seen PC with USB ports for ages…

 Anyway, I am in Purmamarca, Argentina

 at the moment. Had a good run north from Mendoza where I changed the waterpump seals – for the second time… just to discover another leak today… Must be the shaft itself that needs replacement… feel kinda shafted…

 Anyway, went to the Moon Valley, from there up the Route 40, passed through Santa Maria, where I met a German who has a micro-brewery and we were bottling up the latest batch of yummy Weizen Bier. Then to Cafayate, Salta and Cachi. This took me up to 4770m at one pass up the the Altiplano. Amazing scenery! Will post pictures a.s.a.p.

 Today´s ride on Route 52 was one of the best roads I´ve ever ridden. God must ride motorbikes, too. Corners for 40kms non-stop and no traffic, all on brand new tarmac… Might go up there again tomorrow.

 From here on I will head further north towards Bolivia.

 Better dash…

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