Potosi, Bolivia

Made it to Bolivia today… the whole day was a bit of a nightmare, since the bike didnt want to start due to low temperature and thin air, but after jump starting it she ticking away just fine.

 Then I converted the bike into a rolling bomp, by strapping two 5 liter canisters of 97 octane unleaded fuel to my luggage.

 Then I was dicked around at the border crossing with all the paperwork: I checked out of Argentina, then went 20m further to the Bolivian border control wher I checked it. When I asked the dude in uniform where I get my temporary import permit for the motorbike he was just smiling and pointed back to the Argentinian border crossing. First I thought it was just my poor spanish, but then I realised that I had to turn around stuff around with more little guys in green uniforms… 2 hours later I was on the other side –

 HOWEVER, I had now Bolivian money, now more water and I shared my breakfast with a bum at the campground. So, there was no other choice than doing the 400 something kilometers to Potosi over gravel, switchbacks and at high altitude.

 But in the end there was success! Just before nightfall I rolled into the worlds highest city at more than 4000m altitude. Even the easiest thing – like going to the toilet – leaves you breathless. Now imagine jump starting a 650cc single cylinder motorbike first thing in the morning.

 Bolivia is very beautiful (from what I´ve seen so far).

 Will try to upload some pictures tomorrow.

 Will hit the sack now.

1 thought on “Potosi, Bolivia

  1. *LOL* why am i not surprised!! He’ll love travelling with me then – as the brown kid i get stopped at every border and get swiped for explosives too.

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