Death Road

In La Paz, Bolivia right now. did the road of death:

 Was not so bad as it sounds, since they built a brand new highway at the other side of the gorge. So no traffic on the death road, but amazing experience. first we went from La Paz up to 4700m then dropped down into the Bolivian Amazonas at 1000m – all that only over 40km or so.

 Had a good look at the city today. Absolutely crazy. Organised chaos comes into my mind – bu9t it works – somehow.

 Tomorrow I will continiue my trip to the Lake Titicaca(nice word) and stay at Copacabana (nice word too).

 Currently riding with 3 Americans, well, actually only 2, since the third one had a fatal crack of his maneframe of his Suzuki V-Strom. He should have bought a BMW ;-))

 Anyway, should be a good ride tomorrow and then I will cross into Peru, and from there back down to Santiago. 2 weeks and it is all over… but I think I had enough. Shoulder hurts, wrist hurts, back hurst… not much left. So time to go home.

 Still no fast internet connection to upload pictures. But will come sooner or later.

 I am out of here, finish line in sight.


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