Moonvalley Photos

Here are some photos from the moon valley in Argentina. It was absolute amazing – unfortunately the photos do not justice to the real beauty…

 Then I came across this wee tarantula – never saw one live before (not keen to do again any time soon).

 The other 3 pictures are from the Laguna Verde situated in no mans land between Chile and Argentina where I had this not so nice experience with the border guards…



Cusco, Peru

After a lazy day at Copacabana and a nice afternoon to the Isla del Sol

 we pushed hard to make it in one day to Cusco, which included a rather straight forward border crossing (nice surprise for a change), some obnoxious shoe polish boys in Puno (No means NO – even in spanish) and running late into the afternoon, so we arrived after sunset garnished with rain, crazy Peruan bus drivers, wild life on the road and another city full of madness:

 Again, my GPS saved the day – otherwise there would have been no way to make it to the hotel.

 Coming down with a bad cold, so might have to pull a rest day.

 By the way, did you know that they have coca leaves on the breakfast buffet table? they make tea out of it or you can chew it and it should help with the altitude sickness…

Death Road

In La Paz, Bolivia right now. did the road of death:

 Was not so bad as it sounds, since they built a brand new highway at the other side of the gorge. So no traffic on the death road, but amazing experience. first we went from La Paz up to 4700m then dropped down into the Bolivian Amazonas at 1000m – all that only over 40km or so.

 Had a good look at the city today. Absolutely crazy. Organised chaos comes into my mind – bu9t it works – somehow.

 Tomorrow I will continiue my trip to the Lake Titicaca(nice word) and stay at Copacabana (nice word too).

 Currently riding with 3 Americans, well, actually only 2, since the third one had a fatal crack of his maneframe of his Suzuki V-Strom. He should have bought a BMW ;-))

 Anyway, should be a good ride tomorrow and then I will cross into Peru, and from there back down to Santiago. 2 weeks and it is all over… but I think I had enough. Shoulder hurts, wrist hurts, back hurst… not much left. So time to go home.

 Still no fast internet connection to upload pictures. But will come sooner or later.

 I am out of here, finish line in sight.


Potosi, Bolivia

Made it to Bolivia today… the whole day was a bit of a nightmare, since the bike didnt want to start due to low temperature and thin air, but after jump starting it she ticking away just fine.

 Then I converted the bike into a rolling bomp, by strapping two 5 liter canisters of 97 octane unleaded fuel to my luggage.

 Then I was dicked around at the border crossing with all the paperwork: I checked out of Argentina, then went 20m further to the Bolivian border control wher I checked it. When I asked the dude in uniform where I get my temporary import permit for the motorbike he was just smiling and pointed back to the Argentinian border crossing. First I thought it was just my poor spanish, but then I realised that I had to turn around stuff around with more little guys in green uniforms… 2 hours later I was on the other side –

 HOWEVER, I had now Bolivian money, now more water and I shared my breakfast with a bum at the campground. So, there was no other choice than doing the 400 something kilometers to Potosi over gravel, switchbacks and at high altitude.

 But in the end there was success! Just before nightfall I rolled into the worlds highest city at more than 4000m altitude. Even the easiest thing – like going to the toilet – leaves you breathless. Now imagine jump starting a 650cc single cylinder motorbike first thing in the morning.

 Bolivia is very beautiful (from what I´ve seen so far).

 Will try to upload some pictures tomorrow.

 Will hit the sack now.