She is finally here!!!

After waiting for more than 6 weeks finally the day had come to pick upthe bike at the Port of Brisbane!

The whole mission was made possible by the help of Glen, a fellowmotorbike enthusiast and keen traveller, who I met through HorizonsUnlimited.

It was a great feeling to dissemble the crate, putting the front wheelback in and re-attaching all the bits and pieces. But we also had toreplace the stuffed fuel filter that got clogged up with bad SouthAmerican fuel and caused fatal end to my trip on the last day. Anyway,with a bit of OZ and NZ ingenuity we replaced the filter and added anadditional filter (just in case), and after 3 attempts of cranking shefired up as good as new…

What a feeling to ride her home, sitting in the saddle again after 7weeks of abstinence… yeah.

And thanks again to Glen! The next round of beers is on me!

Off now for a spin around the block…



1 thought on “She is finally here!!!

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