Travel Route

Time flies and it is only 3 more sleeps until we take off onto our most excellent Long Ride trip up north. I am very exited and can’t wait to hit the road again. After all, it’s been almost exactly one year since I returned from my South American adventure and Dakki and I are ready to go to clock up some more ks. Compared to last year’s travel preparation, things are so much more organised and relaxed, since there is no air or sea freight involved – straight out of the garage onto the open road (well, if Sydney traffic plays ball, that is).

Thank you so much for all the sponsorship that I have received so far and I am sure the Prostate Cancer Foundation will greatly appreciate all your generous donations. For all who haven’s sponsored me yet but wish to do so can visit the following fund raising page:

Our itinerary will be as follows:

1-May-10 Nyngan
2-May-10 Charleville
3-May-10 Longreach
4-May-10 Winton
5-May-10 Mt Isa
6-May-10 Tennant Creek
7-May-10 Katherine
8-May-10 Darwin

That’s approximately 500km per day of riding. Here’s a map of the route from Sydney to Darwin:


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