Darwin Finish Line!

Just arrived in darwin. Photo with riding crew: gordon, jim, jody and me.



Almost there


Last fuel stop before darwin. More than 300 bikes by now. Will get official police escort on last 25 km. Never seen so many different bikes in one spot. Much better than going to your local dealer.

Katherine – 3850 km


Almost there! Crazy long day today. Really need a break now. But tomorrow we will be in darwin. Today we were travelling along stuart highway. Landscape was morphing from grass plains to shrub to sort of bush forest. Trees were getting taller with every kilometre pushing north. Came past a plane today that looked like being crash landed next to the highway.

Tennant Creek – 3120 km

Long day today. Made it into the northern teritory. This is an amazing country! I will so turn into a grey nomad when I retire. What gets me is the sheer size of it and its diversity. Highly recommend to anyone to explore this continent by bike – or by car if riding is not your thing. Found this really cool termite hill at the side of the road. And have a look at the petrol station in the outback where 100 bikers tried to pump. From tomorrow on its straight up north.


Mt Isa – 2520 km


Long but extremely diverse ride today. Went from lush green in winton to very dry soils then to tussoc grasses to red rocks. Stopped at the mckinley pub where the famous crocodile dundee movies where made. When riding into mt isa the first thing you see is smoke stacks from mines and then power plant. Staying at the irish club tonight which is putting on a dinner for us later on.

Winton – 2050 km

Having our ‘rest day’ today, hence only 200 km. Went to see the qantas museum in longreach and then did some gravel to see dinosaurs frolicing around. Unfortunately they were long dead but came past a monster long train. Check out the panorama. Not getting much better than that.


Longreach – 1830 km


Good ride today. Everybody tells us how lucky we are to see the outback so green. Bike is leaking some oil from the counter shaft seal. Better buy a liter of oil tomorrow to top up. Sleeping in a cabin tonight since the airforce guys had a spare bed. Better than camping but wonder if there is a catch with this offer? Hmmm…