On the road again…

After two days of riding we reached Broken Hill, undisputedly one of NSWs key mining hubs. It feels so great being back on the bike eating up all those kilometers. So far we have done more than 1000km, but we still haven't left the State. The only thing that gives away that we are heading west is the constant change of scenery (from the lush green of the Blue Mountains to the flat and much drier plains of the NSW back country) and the new time zone! The trucks are getting longer, too, and here and there you can catch glimpses of soil that looks more red than brown.

Unfortunately, the journey did not start quite as planed… After struggling with the flu, evil cough and a cold, Dilu considered staying behind in Sydney since she didn't feel well and fit enough to ride her own bike on this trip. In a last minute decision (literally), Dilu jumped on the back of my bike. I am so glad she is coming along and best thing is that she is feeling much better already. Must be the nice warm and dry climate of the countryside (or maybe just leaving the Big Smoke behind).

On sunday morning we caught up with our Queensland riding buddies from last year – Jim, Jody and Gordon (and others). Absolutely brilliant seeing them and riding together with them again.

I even got my CB radio working (together with our new SENA bluetooth intercom) which is fantastic – we got crystal clear coms even at 110 km/h crusing speed. Ahhhh, modern technology. Can't beat the feeling of listening to your favourite songs or taking to your friends to share the moment.

So far the highlights of the journey were a lap around the Bathurst racing track and taking little side roads from Orange heading north. There was not much to do at Nyngan (even though the locals at the RSL were very welcoming). Cobar is apparently the copper capital of Australia. And I think the service station owner at Emerson thought he won the lottery with a hundred bikes cueing up to fill up their tanks. Talking about fuel – we nearly ran out of petrol on the last few kms before Nyngan since the panniers, luggage and extra person increased the fuel consumption by about 1l/100km… Luckily, there is always someone with an extra gallon of unleaded strapped to their bike, which may have saved Dilu from pushing.


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