Three into One

I finally found a 3-in-1 system for the Thunderbird after looking around for quite some time. Hesitant to part with a significant amount of cold cash for a brand new exhaust, I came across a second hand system on ebay which was only 3 years old and was fabricated by the Motorcycle Exhaust Professionals in Slacks Creek, Queensland, Australia:

Funnily enough, these guys also modified the ‘dummy’ can on the Dakar a few years ago when we lived in Brisbane.

Unfortunately, when I opened the package and after – in typical overenthusiastic motorcyclist manner – dismantling the old exhaust from the Bird, I noticed that the seller didn’t include the flanges (metal plates necessary to attach the header pipes to the engine block). So the bike was sitting in the garage for over a week (next to two disassembled exhaust systems) catching dust.

Thanks to Peter of the Motorcycle Exhaust Professionals, these guys posted me a new set of flanges to Sydney so I could finally install the muffler last night.

Oh boy, the bike had some nice TOR pipes on it before, which sounded ok, but they are nothing – I repeat: NOTHING in comparison to the new muffler… A few weeks back I went to an airshow of historic warbirds and the sound that come out there rather resembles a squadron of angry spitfires… Needless to say, a had big smile on my face when I came back from a wee test ride today… I guess now the bike seriously owns its name…


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