La to Palm Springs

This morning we left for Palm Springs. There is this strange weather phenomenon in Newport Beach call June-gloom. This eerie and cold cloud just sits over the coast cooling it right down – not the most ideal riding conditions as you have to wear a bit of cold weather gear. Nevertheless about 30 mins later we were on the Ortega Highway heading south-east. Ortega is another one of those drives filled with twisties and stunning scenery. Dilu loves desert landscape so this was a perfect start to her trip. Since it has been a while since she rode it took a while to get into it…and soon we were cooking with gas (except for the wee tipple a few miles from Lake Elseneor…but we shall not speak of it anymore).

Our ride took us through the San Bernandino ranges, Idylwild-Pine forest (which smelt amazing) along the Pines-to-Palms Highway. It was indeed pine tree to palm tree country. The temperature soared and the landscape became rocky, barren yet full of life. At one point we stopped we were amazing the the variety of flora around us from agave to yuccas to little critters running around. Simply amazing. At one point the traffic ceased and all you could hear was the wind whistling by through this blazing white hot, scotched landscape…and yet the ding-dongs were not melting…

Getting back on the bike and switching on the 'air-conditioning', we progressed down the ranges, twisting and turning till there is was…an oasis in the middle of the desert – Palm Springs. A paradise of wide palm-tree lined roads and resorts on either side. We booked a room for two nights at the Indian Wells Resort. Legend has it that it founded by a movie stars Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz in 1957 but to us it has air conditioning, a pool, a king size bed, half price cocktails before dinner and breakie…what more could motorbikers ask for. Tomorrow we off load all the luggage and head up to Joshua Tree National Park…and will be listening to the album on the way there no doubt 😉

Team Berg over and out


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