Lake Havasu, Arizona

On our way to Las Vegas we scheduled in a stop-over at Lake Havasu, Arizona. It was also our first ‘field test’ of all our camping equipment –  but more about this later…

In an attempt to avoid the big freeways, we took the smaller by-ways, one of which took us straight through Box Canyon ( What we experienced was a surreal alien landscape definitly off the beaten track, CB couldn’t stop humming the song “Walking on the moon” by The Police.

A few miles later the dusty dryness was then contrasted by the lush-green of the Colorado River demarcating the border between California and Arizona, and providing all the water for Lake Havasu. We booked a camping site right on the shores of the lake managed by the state park services. On paper (or rather Google maps) it looked pretty good, but once we arrive we realised that the selected and booked spot was:

a) is in the desert with temperatures in the 40s
b) had no shade
c) was located next to a lake that is heavily used by recreational water vessels, including V8 race boats, jet skies and other noisy equipment.

We quickly looked for a better spot offering at least some shade to pitch the tent, but then collapsed of exhaustion and had a wee nap. As temperatures continued to climb we realised that this is not working for us, we jumped back on the bike in the search for some air-conditioned premises. We settled for an old-school steak house that served meal portions of the size of (almost) a whole animal. We tried to share ONE serving of ribs, but even the two of us where only able to finish about half.

Since temperatures refused to cool off, we decided to turn the evening into a ‘date-night’ and went to the movies to watch Avengers. Now hold your breath: movie tickets were 5 (yes, five) US dollars each, which included 2 servings of popcorn. Now, why would you download movies from the internet if you could watch it on the silver screen at this price? Australia, maybe its time to consider that charging 20 bucks on a movie ticket is a little too much?

After the movie it noticably cooled down, but it was also pitch black since the sun set a while ago. This brought us to another problem – there was virtually no light at the campsite and our only torch was securely tucked away at the bottom of a pannier full of tools and spare parts. So needless to say there were some minor teething issues on our first night in the open, but I am sure we will improve on that (Dilu however was not a happy camper and mumbled something like ‘this was the first and last time we go camping’ or something).

Next we head out to Las Vegas…woohoo!


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