Mesa Verde, Colorado

Day two in this lovely little historic town, Mancos began by having breakfast at the local bakery specialising in only yummy organic and fresh produce. DB's bike was due to be finished by lunchtime so with time to kill we took a quick walk around the small main street meeting the local art curator and milliner all who highly recommended we make the trip up to Mesa Verde National Park so once we got back DB's bike, Wobbles, we made our way.

Mesa Verde National Park is located about 20 miles from Mancos and the drive through the park was as exciting as seeing the old Anasazi ruins – winding sweeping roads through pine and juniper forests climbing up to 12,000 feet was exhilarating. Once we entered the ruins feelings changed from excitement to peace and calm. The ancient ruins were breathtaking. Built into natural cave and ledge shelters eroded into the sides of sheer vertical cliffs are these surprising village ruins. The Anasazi's were ancient peoples who lived in the Colorado-New Mexico region. They initially built pit houses on the top of these plateaus where they farm but they then moved down the cliffs into the ledges. Over time as the climate changed these people moved down these high plateaus into the valleys below. The ancient ruins where not re-discovered till the late 19th Century by two cowboys.

Stumbling on to this national park was a complete accident, if the bikes hadn't broken down we would have blasted through the lovely historic town of Mancos as well as Mesa Verde and so the lesson here is that a break down is never really a bad thing.

Next we head back down into the desert, into New Mexico and into Santa Fe – we can't wait to find what awaits us there!


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