North-eastern tip of the US of A

Our time in New Hampshire was short but we enjoyed every moment of it as it gave us a chance to slow down and chill out before the longer rides to come over the next few weeks. We have included a few more photos of the Atlantic coast, gorgeous little coastal towns, Stephen King territory – Bangor Maine, an awesome submarine in dry-dock and photos of our travels through Maine aka moose country. A photo we are unable to include is of the one and only moose we saw on the road on our way to Quebec through Maine. The moose we saw must have been a female as it wasn't as big as we were expecting but she was super cute nevertheless. Moose are super shy animals so as soon as DB came round the corner she hang around for a second or two and bolted into the woods so CB hardly got to see her. We hope to see more moose or reindeer when we get to around Edmonton, Canada.

Sorry that this blog is pretty short, we are pretty behind with our blogs and apologise for this. We tend to be pretty tired each night after a full day of adventure but we will promise to try post more often…and of course add heaps of photos!

Team Berg over and out!


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