Glacier National Park, Montana

They say: “Save the best for last” – in our case it was, unknowingly, a visit to the Glacier National Park near the Canadian border in Montana –¬† While many people recommended this park to us (in particular thanks to David, who grew up right next to it), little did we know what to expect. For sure, we’ve seen some amazing scenery on our trip so far – like the red rocks of Utah, the Grand Canyon, the swamps in Louisiana and the endless prairies of South Dakota – but Glacier takes the cake. This is the heart of the Rocky Mountains! One of the “must-dos” of this park is taking the Going-to-the-Sun road. This road is closed for large parts of the year due to snow and ice, so we just hit the window of opportunity to explore this part of the country. A local at Browning, MT told us that snow can be expected from October onwards and snowfalls as late as July are not unheard of. Downside is that the park is only open for a few weeks in the year so there were many tourists to share the narrow winding roads with. Nevertheless, we consider ourselves privileged that we were able to see this park as it is quite difficult to get to without a vehicle.


Unfortunately, visiting this park also marks the end of our US tour, with the border crossing into Canada being imminent. There is still so much to see, so many places to visit – it seems there is only one option: we need to come back next year and continue what we have started – aka Team Berg Honeymoon Part II. Travelling without prejudice and with an open mind certainly opened up many doors and let us experience an America that has little to do with the image portrayed in so many MTV music videos, Hollywood movies or news stories. Of course, there is a darker side to it all, fuelled by poverty, unemployment and socio-economic disadvantages – but every nation has this regardless. We were extremely fortunate (and we believe that all our guardian angels were working overtime in the past three months) that we had no major problems (nothing that money cant fix), no accidents (other than a few tipple overs – mostly CB tippling over) and we only got rained on twice for about 10 minutes each time. Just the heat wave this northern summer was causing some frustration, sweat and (minor) arguments at times – but compared to the freezing cold we were generally happy with a few extra degrees.


Next Team Berg crosses the Canadian border for a short stay near Edmonton and Vancouver before flying to LA and back home to Sydney. Gosh Sydney we miss you and appreciate you so much more now. Can’t wait to see all our family, friends and work colleagues!!



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