Day 3 – Charleville

Another day in paradise, and St George greeted us with chilling temperatures in the morning – cool enough to wear thermal underwear….


Everything started pretty well, until people kept on referring to the poor condition on CB’s rear tyre – yes, the one that just got changed upon the return from the Tasmania trip – so after 7000km there should be still some rubber left, right? But not so – in other words: outback roads 1 – rear tyre nil.

Now, what are the chances of finding a 180/55R17 in some remote Australian country town? Yes, correct, slim to impossible. But a few phone calls later we located one in Roma with the help of the local motorcycle guy.

Roma its just a little detour away (approx 100 clicks) on our way to Charleville – an opportunity too good to miss, and to be honest, probably our only chance to score some rubber for the Beast between here and Townsville.


350 bucks later a brand spanking new Pirelli Angel ST was mounted and off we went to catch up with the rest of the mob.

When CB did the booking for this nights accommodation, little did he know that the Carones Hotel is probably one of the most iconic ones in Central Queensland! Its more like a time warp back into the 1800s – certainly the bathroom looked antique, and i bet it its haunted, too.

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