Finish Line – Cairns

We probably had the most relaxed start to the day for the entirety of the trip – which is usually a mad rush to get your gear packed and the binge ready to go for a 7am start…. But not today – the boots cooked up a great breakki and it was not until 10am or so. It was still raining, but as soon we left the top of the Tablelands and headed towards Marooba we were greeted with the finest sunshine. On the way we rode past a Military Museum consisting of a collection of rusting military hardware.




Not quite what the Smithsonian in the US had to offer, but still a bit of Australian history there.

From here it was just a short ride into Cairns where all riders where marshalled at the Showgrounds to ride as a large group into the city centre and park up near the waterfront.




So that’s it – another Long Ride knocked off. With more than 380 registered riders and over 400,000 dollars collected for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, this was the most successful event to date. Next year’s ride is planned to go to Uluru.



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