Canada, oh Canada – Alberta

Finally, after a year of withdrawal Team Berg is back on the road to finish what we started last year, aka closing the loop. The plan is to travel from Alberta to California via the West Coast.


Our flight took us via LAX to Edmonton, where our friend Cata kindly lent us her car for the weekend but not before putting us onto a ‘special agent mission’ including a secret email with a photo of a parking ticket and instructions on where to find the key! The car attendants looked at us suspiciously as drove off onto the wrong side of the road! Absolutely brilliant start! But before we started on our journey we stopped-by an old primary school friend of DB from Zambia, Ammara and Clint, for a catch up and have the best and BIGGEST T-bone steaks we’ve ever eaten. Canadian beef eh!


Thanks to Cata and Jeff, our bikes were well looked after and stored in a heated garage in Clive during the past year. We couldn’t believe it that both bikes jumped back into life at the first touch of the starter button after sitting in a corner for such a long time. You gotta love the mighty GS.


The trip started with a little detour, since CB wanted to ride the Ice Fields Parkway from Jasper to Banff, which ended up to be a pretty long ride but well worth the effort with plenty of waterfalls, steep mountains towering in front of us and plenty of glaciers, some of them coming all the way down to the road. The ride however towards the end was challenging as the cold and rain set in…needless to say the nice hotel room, hot shower and fluffy towels were most welcome (that and the $6 cocktails for DB!).photo(2) photo


Our last day in Lake Louise and Alberta was crazy. We were so exhausted from the night before and slept in till 30 minutes before check out. We rushed out of the hotel to a glorious day. After some quick maintenance on the bikes we decided to check out Lake Louise. Trying to find parking near Lake Louise was a mission and we were starting to question whether it was worth it but once we walked down to the lake we realised why this place was so popular with honeymooning couples – DB was finally lost for words at the sight before us…


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