Northern California – Home of the Giant Redwood Trees

Leaving the Oregon Coast behind, Team Berg is heading inland for a minor detour to ride the entire length of the Redwood Highway 199 into Northern California towards Crescent City where we were staying for a couple of days to explore the forests around here. We learned that only 5% of the redwoods are left (which are now mostly protected), and that they thrive in foggy conditions since they have an ability of absorb moisture from the air.

P1030914 P1030928

What we saw exceeded our wildest expectations. Those trees are just massive! Nothing like we’ve ever seen before.


But before going on about more detail, we have you to tell you about Supervisor Gattlin, who sits on the Board of Supervisors – the governing body for the County of Del Norte. He highly recommended visiting the Mystery of the Trees – apparently THE NUMBER ONE tourist attraction in the County. So we went – 15 dollars p.p. later we had a chance to look at a number of big trees and a cable car ride, which turned out to be a little disappointing, since you can just take one of many roads through a forest and look at tons of trees for free anyway. We ended up leaving quickly and to find a little detour on a dirt track – CB felt like star  trooper on one of those space bikes. And I swear, I am 100% sure I saw an Ewok lurking in the bushes.


P1030991 P1040048 P1040063

From here we continued the famous Highway 101 south towards Sonoma where some serious wine sampling was waiting for us, but not without riding though the giant Chandelier Tree, something that Team Berg wanted to do since childhood.

P1040076 P1040078

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