Three into One

I finally found a 3-in-1 system for the Thunderbird after looking around for quite some time. Hesitant to part with a significant amount of cold cash for a brand new exhaust, I came across a second hand system on ebay which was only 3 years old and was fabricated by the Motorcycle Exhaust Professionals in Slacks Creek, Queensland, Australia:

Funnily enough, these guys also modified the ‘dummy’ can on the Dakar a few years ago when we lived in Brisbane.

Unfortunately, when I opened the package and after – in typical overenthusiastic motorcyclist manner – dismantling the old exhaust from the Bird, I noticed that the seller didn’t include the flanges (metal plates necessary to attach the header pipes to the engine block). So the bike was sitting in the garage for over a week (next to two disassembled exhaust systems) catching dust.

Thanks to Peter of the Motorcycle Exhaust Professionals, these guys posted me a new set of flanges to Sydney so I could finally install the muffler last night.

Oh boy, the bike had some nice TOR pipes on it before, which sounded ok, but they are nothing – I repeat: NOTHING in comparison to the new muffler… A few weeks back I went to an airshow of historic warbirds and the sound that come out there rather resembles a squadron of angry spitfires… Needless to say, a had big smile on my face when I came back from a wee test ride today… I guess now the bike seriously owns its name…


20 thousand clicks and counting…

The T-bird just clocked up 20.000 kms yesterday on a ride with me mates Rob and Christian.

The initial idea was just to go for a coffee around the corner – 400km later after having an amazing ride through the Hunter Valley wine region we felt we had enough (for the day).

Christian took some nice b/w shots with his new fancy retro camera…


Pimp My Ride

Finally, I finished the modifications on my Triumph Thunderbird, which I ‘inherited’ last year from my dad.

As you can see, she looks now more like an old school cafe racer, with Royal Enfield handle bars, bar end mirrors, a solo seat and more chrome bling on the radiator sides.

I also removed a lot of stuff, like grab rail, pannier racks and scott oiler to make her look prettier.

‘Under the bonnet’ the key upgrade is a rear shock from a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-11, which improved the handling and comfort dramatically.


Exhaust upgrade

Couldn’t help myself, but got Dakki a little upgrade – a sexy Staintune exhaust which replaces the BMW 1-into-2 system with a single can.

Positive side effects: 5hp gain over standard exhaust, and a weight saving of 4.6 kgs.

Oh, and it sounds just amazing!


She is finally here!!!

After waiting for more than 6 weeks finally the day had come to pick upthe bike at the Port of Brisbane!

The whole mission was made possible by the help of Glen, a fellowmotorbike enthusiast and keen traveller, who I met through HorizonsUnlimited.

It was a great feeling to dissemble the crate, putting the front wheelback in and re-attaching all the bits and pieces. But we also had toreplace the stuffed fuel filter that got clogged up with bad SouthAmerican fuel and caused fatal end to my trip on the last day. Anyway,with a bit of OZ and NZ ingenuity we replaced the filter and added anadditional filter (just in case), and after 3 attempts of cranking shefired up as good as new…

What a feeling to ride her home, sitting in the saddle again after 7weeks of abstinence… yeah.

And thanks again to Glen! The next round of beers is on me!

Off now for a spin around the block…